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Message from the President

This year, as a new opportunity opened for me, I realized that things might not go according to plan but one thing is for sure, you reap what you sow and a better opportunity awaits. 

Many people will ask me, how did I come here? Well, my story as a JCI member is nothing but ordinary, I joined because a friend asked me to try it and it may not be as magical as I thought it would be, I realized and learned a lot from the people here although most of it requires a lot of sitting and introductions. 

Years passed by and here I am, President of this chapter, it might be just a normal thing but for me, it means that the people in this organization trusted me and we could do better, do more, and give our all. 

And I just have three missions for this year, we will be PROVOCATIVE, we will MAKE AN IMPACT to the lives of the people we are helping, and we will TRANSFORM communities through our own resources as we will RISE AS ONE! 

To my BODs, this is not just my journey but OURS!

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