Your Favorite Human, Brycan

Country manager, professional speaker, The Young Leader podcast host – these are some of the many hats Brycan Dayao wears on a day-to-day basis. With over 14 years of experience in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, Brycan is passionate about building connections with other people, and he wants more people to live up to their potential. He wants everyone to make their dreams come true through mentorship not just from himself, but from other startup leaders and experts.

Brycan heads the country operations of a company that provides email and live chat services to its clients in the United States, as well as monitors for fraudulent customer trends and finance. From a startup in 2018, Brycan and his team managed to make their company a top contender in the BPO industry.

Apart from this role, he is also a professional international speaker driven to empower others to be empathetic, real, and vulnerable – to be human. “To feel is human. That is the core of my message: to always be sensitive and be empathetic with people around you,” Brycan explained.

Whilst physical events are prohibited in line with the community quarantine, he took his drive for mentorship to the digital space through his podcast ‘The Young Leader with Brycan Dayao.’ The show sheds light on the journey of visionaries and leaders in order for people to get inspiration from those who made their dreams happen. For Bryan, this is the perfect time to try to motivate other people as in his own words, “Leaders are most needed during the storm, and not in the time of harvest.”

With the diverse variety of guests that he features on the show, he even came up with his own nickname, ‘your favorite human,’ which coincides with his advocacy and serendipitously rhymes with his name.

Brycan began his career as a fast-food crew of one of the top restaurant chains in the country. Then, he jumped from one job to another, learning the value of earning money the hard way. His experience as both a good and bad employee made him realize his call to leadership. Now, he leads not only his team, but other people, as well.

Brycan’s passion for leadership and helping other humans ‘be human’ drove him to join Junior Chamber International (JCI) Makati. As the incoming Executive Treasurer for 2021, Brycan intends to use his expertise in order to help less fortunate people through the organization.

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