The Ripple Effect of Service: Karlo’s JCI Journey

In 2004, a young student became a fan a motivational speaker and icon Pocholo De Leon Gonzales. This fandom inspired him so much that he wants to share and be someone like his idol in the future. Who would ever think that after several years, they will crossroads again and will both be on the same journey in uplifting others' lives? That is how Karlo's JCI journey started. In 2018, in his effort to find the best motivational speaker for a Youth Congress for his city, stars aligned as he cross-paths with two dynamic idols Lloyd Luna and Choy Gonzales. This encounter led him to get involved in an organization that aims to deliver betterment for the community - Junior Chamber International. The Business: Having been connected with a fast-growing retail company in the country for more than seven years, it was 2016 when Karlo finally decided to leave a job that requires him to travel much and started his own business. His fascination with collecting cartoon and movie figures paved the way to a unique advocacy business -- the Mascot Rental Laguna. First offered by a friend, his loved for toys made him realize that having this type of business is like having life-size toys that he can share with everyone. He believes that everyone has a child inside their hearts, and toys can tickle anyone's child's heart from within. In 2018, as a baby JAYCEE, Karlo launched his pilot project using his business, titled "HUGS for SUPERMOMS." -- This aims to give recognition and emotional appeal for all mothers' tremendous efforts to celebrate Mothers' Day at Alabang Town Center. This tie-up project with the mall and Alabang Camera Club gave him the idea of being more creative and the possibility of launching more projects with his mascots. Indeed, the big toys of Karlo did not stop giving more joys to everyone. They have performed on several occasions and in different places. They collaborate and partner with various organizations and launched outstanding projects. They exchanged deals with big companies to support the business's noble cause. Some notable projects include The Bald Run - a fundraising project for the benefit of the kids with Cancer; this is a partnership with Cancer Kissed my Ass Foundation. The fight with LITRO BABIES (Liver Transplant Operation Babies); a project that aims to give joy to kids having a battle with biliary atresia. And W.I.S.H (Wagas ang Iyong Simpleng Hiling), a reward-raising drive every Christmas that aims to pleasure people who wish something for others over themselves. Recognitions: The micro effort launched with creativity led VP Karlo's advocacy to various organization recognitions. In 2018, he was recognized as one of the fast-growing mascot rental and party entertainment owner in his hometown; he was then tagged as "masQUOTEero" and invited to give inspirational talks from his experiences and expertise in the community involvement and volunteerism. In 2019, He was able to chair a project that brought back the most coveted Temiong Award for JCI Makati - (CarDrawLing). In 2020, Laguna Excellence Award recognized him as "Man of Excellence" and awarded him the highest honor for community involvement. The Ripple Effect: Karlo believes that the most remarkable achievement he could have is to create a Legacy out of his deeds, and this is possible if one becomes authentic. He envisages that his projects will eventually create a ripple effect of good deeds in passing hope and positivity to other people. As a leader, he hopes that his influence in giving selfless service through small things or big things will soon become a legacy. "The best advice that I can share of people in becoming a leader is you have to become authentic. By becoming authentic, you squeeze out the best in you because it is the 'Real You' you share. And what happens is you are effortlessly giving your best. You may not be remembered as the wealthiest person in the world, you may not be remembered as the best student in your class or the best family member they could have, but. Still, when it is authentic, anything that you do creates a ripple effect and eventually and naturally comes back to you, paving a way to create a legacy. Legacy is something that people will remember even if you are not around anymore," Karlo's advice for all aspiring young leaders.

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