Orinion For Development

“Leadership is all about influence,” these are words Joseph Alfred Orinion stand by. As the Operations Manager of AFNI Philippines, a global contact center that helps brands develop meaningful and profitable relationships with their customers, Joseph ensures all leaders within the company perform up to par with the organization’s targets and brand promise.

As a self-confessed people person, Joseph is passionate about honing his workforce to become the best that they can be. With fifteen years of experience in leadership development, training, operations and call center management, one would think that Joseph already considers himself an expert in his field, but he’s continuously learning in order to train front-line and executive leaders in effective people management. He is also a professional keynote and motivation speaker that is ardent about helping people improve to better versions of themselves.

His love for developing talent is the reason why Joseph joined Junior Chamber International (JCI) Makati, a nonprofit organization of young active citizens who are engaged and committed to creating positive impact in their communities, in 2018. JCI Makati as well as JCI Philippines’ rich history and number of leadership developmental programs really drove him to join the brotherhood.

“What really piqued my interest was JCI Makati’s advocacy. Through the organization, I do whatever I can to the best of my abilities in order to create developmental opportunities that drive sustainable programs to communities. The brotherhood just fitted well with what I stand for, and the thought of upskilling in such an experience-rich community was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass on,” Joseph explained.

While his role in AFNI Philippines saw that he could make an impact in improving the lives of his workforce and customers, JCI Makati gave Joseph the opportunity to take his passion on a community development level. He simply wanted to use his skills in order to give those with less opportunities a chance of a better future. Not only does he get to make a positive impact on various communities through the organization’s advocacy projects, he has been furthering his development and leadership skills, which he adapts to his line of work.

When asked about which JCI Makati projects are close to his heart, he fondly recalled his first project, a movie screening for a cause for the blockbuster hit Avengers: Endgame in 2019, which was conducted under JCI Makati’s flagship campaign #WeMenCare. “It made such as an impact to me as I saw how we as a brotherhood pulled, and worked together to raise funds for our community projects. I witnessed how each member supported each other, highlighting our strengths and supporting each other in order to overcome any of our challenges,” Joseph explained.

Other JCI Makati projects that made an impact in his life were Peace is Possible, and the Positive Impact on Nation’s Change (P.I.N.C) Congress. These two projects amassed their young active citizens in educating and developing skills needed to guide young leaders in achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

“Witnessing these projects helped me see that we can make a change in other people lives,” he mused. “If we work together, and put our mind and heart into what we do, we can create opportunities to building a brighter future.”

As the incoming 2021 Director of Organizational Development of JCI Makati, Joseph plans on using his vast experience in order to upskill the group’s members even further as well expand the group’s reach internationally. As Joseph said, to him, leadership is about influence, and he plans to use his influence to take his company and brothers to the next level.

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