Ken Okuya

I do sales for a living. I started doing sales after a failed business 6 years ago. I thought I needed to develop my skills since that was one aspect of my business that really I struggled with. So I joined a company to hone my skills in developing leads, relating to clients’ needs and creating value to match, and closing deals. This career shift led me to different opportunities of meeting people, learning different trades and technical information, and eventually starting a business once again. Little did I know that it will also lead me to joining one of the premier organizations available out there, the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Makati.

Now that I am the President of 3 companies, I happily look back as to why I started my JCI journey. While having the traits mentioned above is a great advantage in joining, the most important requirement is the person’s desire to do better. A person who believes in creating a positive impact to one’s community, one’s business, and to one’s self. Together with the Brotherhood of Greatness.

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