Edupreneur’s Journey to Excellence and Service

Elmar Nabisa was an indigent living in the mountainous area in Brgy. Tiguihan Pola Oriental Mindoro. Coming from a big family with 12 siblings, life was really a struggle, walking 8 kms everyday just to attend school. During the weekend, he accompanied his mother selling fish and charcoal. Luckily, he finished Elementary and was given an opportunity to study in the Foundation, The Sisters of Mary School-Boystown, Silang Cavite.

With his commitment to finish his schooling, he then applied to be a working student in Abada College in Oriental Mindoro where he was doing janitorial work while studying. He finished his Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education major in Mathematics. He is now very passionate in empowering the youth. He then went back to Boystown and created sustainable projects through JCI Makati.

A teacher is many things and they have the power to change a person's perspective to be better and more proactive in this increasingly competitive world—an aspect widely recognized and held dearly by the Junior Chamber International (JCI). He’s the VP for the community of JCI Makati, a senior marketing director for an international company, and also a well-respected mentor in a school. He believes in the maxim, Ad majorem dei gloriam which means that every decision shall be made for the greater glory of God.

He joined JCI Makati in October 2017 to be part of its Global Youth Organization to extend the reach of his advocacy which is to empower the youth and educators. JCI Makati, through his efforts, organized different training procedures and mentorships by successful people and networks.

Building on the matter of his exemplary leadership in JCI Makati, he became part of the Board of Directors for 3 consecutive years. He filled in the roles of Secretary General, Vice President of Membership and Recruitment and Vice President for Community. Under Membership and Recruitment, he was able to lead the increase of JCI membership by 70%. By the third role, he was able to co-chair a project called “Cardrawling” with VIP Karlo Hain and LTD Marvin Salazar which aimed to support their adopted communities, namely: the Shelter of Hope, the Mango House, and the Tahanan Sta Luisa. This project was later awarded as the Best Fundraising Project in JCI Philippines.

Being the current Director for Community Development, he promises to continue to create sustainable projects that will make great impacts to the communities under their wing.

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