Disaster Risk Reduction

During an earthquake, most deaths and injuries are caused by collapsing building materials and heavy falling objects, such as bookcases, and cabinets. Learning the safe spots in each room of their home, office or public place will increase their chance of survival.

To mitigate these circumstances JCI Makati in collaboration with Pasay LGU conducted a Disaster Risk Reduction last November 17, 2019 at the Desert Museum which was attended by the LGU Personnel and residents of Pasay City.

The project helped them coordinate what to do, where, when, and how to reunite with their family after an earthquake. It was a great opportunity to practice how to be safer during and after earthquakes. The project would never be realized without the effective public-private and civil society collaboration.

This activity helped the participants understand the importance of Disaster Risk Reduction, pre and post-earthquake preparedness and responses.

JCI Makati together with the LGU and residents of Pasay City conducted this project in support of the JCI Vision Mold and Motivate and UNSDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

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