Brotherhood and Business with Dennis

‘Always challenge the status quo.’ These are words one of Mark Dennis Uyaco’s graduate studies professors once said that sparked a fire in him. Now, Dennis is a man on a mission not only to grow his business endeavors as an entrepreneur, but to infect others with his winning entrepreneurial mindset from the grassroots level.

After a decade working in some of the biggest companies in the IT industry, Dennis decided to take a leap of faith, and started various companies that are thriving and helping thousands of Filipinos to this day. He is the Founding President and now an Independent Director of a food franchising company that caters to several brands. He is also the co-founder of a food manufacturing firm that brings one of the best-selling snack foods to a convenience store that is available nationwide.

Aside from his food businesses, Dennis is the Executive Director of an Executive Education firm that provides short-courses modules & programs to family businesses, multinational organizations, and school-based institutions in the ASEAN region. He simultaneously serves as a consultant and board member to multiple companies, whilst engaging with a number of private and public organizations such as the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA). He also served as the Ateneo Graduate School of Business Student Council President.

Dennis is passionate not only to grow his businesses, but also help others realize the endless possibilities of entrepreneurial life. In fact, he’s often tapped as a motivational speaker by top business schools and organizations in the country.

“My personal philosophy is that to acquire success in life, a person must possess the qualities of a P.H.D: poor, hungry and determined,” Dennis explained. “In addition to having a P.H.D., I believe that while the goal is to earn and make profit, there should always be a higher purpose.”

This philosophy transcends all of Dennis’s endeavors, and that includes his role as the incoming Vice President for Membership in Junior Chamber International (JCI) Makati.

A true leader and man of service, Dennis is committed to helping Filipinos, realize their fullest potential through business strategy and entrepreneurial insights. With his sheer determination and various endeavors, Dennis is proof that anyone can be limitless if they believe in themselves.

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