A man who trains and empowers others, to train and empower others.

A volunteer-at-heart, the 2021 Executive Director of JCI Makati Reynard Francisco, has exerted tons of efforts to bring service to the people. He is also a young professional, specifically, in the field of industrial psychology where he trains other people, employees, workers, and so on. His leadership in the field created an impact on others to be empowered.

He started to be a young leader in PH Red Cross Youth, where he served as the President of the organization. His humanitarian and socio-civic skills led him to perform his duties from the heart and highlighting the power of volunteerism. Just by using his passion and dedication to serve others, he created an impact in the field, by doing small and simple things for the Filipino people, it’s more than just enough. He also learned by experience! When he witnessed the scenarios of Typhoons Ondoy and Yolanda, it awakens him to a much bigger reality that the Filipinos are facing, and will face in the future of natural disasters. Hundreds to thousands of lives have been lost on those typhoons, with huge catastrophic effects on the people. Through those events, he continued his enthusiasm to volunteer, connect to other people, and help the people in need.

On the other hand, he is also a trained Climate Reality Leader by former Vice President Al Gore. Although it was online, he awakens more to the reality of the climate crisis. The reality that the Filipinos should know and be aware of. His training experience has brought him to develop his ‘environmentalist’ mind and heart. Expanding not only his experience but also his eagerness to serve the environment and be a climate leader. Up to now, he is involved with Masungi Georeserve Project, together with Gio Almoite, Ann & Billie Dumaliang, they collaborate just for 4 purposes: (1) Save the Masungi Landscape, (2) Conserve the whole Upper Marikina Watershed, (3) Preserve the Southern Sierra Madre, and (4) Engage the Indigenous Peoples (IP) communities. In this initiative, he brings service for nature also!

As a young and passionate leader, the positive impacts of any initiatives must be felt by the people. As per Filipino psychology, a true leader immerses to the communities, one must identify awareness (kamalayan), experience (karanasan), and its culture (kalinangan) to create great impacts for the society!

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