JCI BATAAN Chartering

JCI BATAAN Chartering

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JCI Bataan 1st General Membership Meeting
JCI Bataan watching the Live Stream of JCI MAKATI President Pocholo Gonzales
JCI Makati and JCI Bataan President Khairy Alonto at Mt. Samat, Pilar, Bataan
JCI Past President and Senator Aries Balanay held an OTI with JCI BATAAN Chartering President Khairy Alonto and EVP BJ Banzon in Balanga, Bataan

JCI Makati Celebrates 54th Board of Directors Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

JCI Makati Celebrates 54th Board of Directors Induction and Turnover Ceremonies

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Junior Chamber International (JCI) – Makati Chapter, more popularly known as “JCI Makati,” celebrated its 54th Board of Directors’ Induction and Turnover Ceremonies on May 6, 2018 at the Takara Hotel and Events Place in San Pedro, Laguna. Over 100 guests were present in the historic event – including some members of the JCI Philippines’ National Board, JCI Senators, JCI Makati past presidents and 2018 Presidents of various JCI Philippines chapters, also known as “Infinity Presidents.”

2017 JCI Makati President Kenneth Tiu turns over gavel to incoming President Pocholo Gonzales

Dinner was served at exactly 6pm as guests started to fill the venue, and were serenaded by young, talented performers from Artist League Manila and Creativoices Productions. The Induction proper was hosted by members of The Microphone Club (TMC) – Mike Acuna, Wyndsor Martillana, and TMC President Vet Lauzon – which began with outgoing JCI Makati President Kenneth Tiu giving out Leadership Excellence Awards.
The charging and induction of officers were led by 2017 JCI Area 2 Area Vice President Chai Talag and 2017 JCI Metro South Regional Vice President RJ Paguyo. The ceremony was immediately followed by the turnover of the gavel and medallion from JCI Makati 2017 President Kenneth Tiu to 2018 President Pocholo Gonzales.
JCI Makati President Pocholo Gonzales hands over token of appreciation to keynote speaker 1997 JCI World President Crispin Dy Jr
Filipino motivational speaker Al Ian Barcelona gave a short inspiring speech as a prelude to the speech of the new JCI Makati President. Ian gave the audience a glimpse of his long-standing friendship with “Pres. Choy,” and how he has seen Choy’s leadership acumen develop through the years. Ian also honored Choy’s parents – Avelina and Luis Gonzales – and called them onstage to proudly introduce their son.
JCI Philippines National President Rix Rafols delivers inspiring speech
Mr. Luis Gonzales gave a quick introduction and called Pres. Choy onstage for his speech. Choy briefly introduced himself as a voice artist, and had the crowd roaring with laughter as he showed a video compilation of old Filipino movie scenes, which he dubbed with his voice impression of the actors. Choy then shared the story about the “new JCI Makati,” and what the chapter has accomplished under its new Board. He also inspired the audience with his personal journey on how he accepted the challenge to become the 2018 President of JCI Makati. Choy ended his speech with a special award to recognize his parents, which he called “Parents of Greatness Award.”
Birthday surprise for Pres Choy
After the President’s speech, JCI Makati 2018 Treasurer, Mr. Joey Garcia, introduced the keynote speaker for the event – 1997 JCI World President Crispin Dy Jr. The keynote was followed by the induction of Baby Jaycees and new JCI Makati members, led by Pres. Choy. 2015 JCI Makati President Aries Balanay was also presented as the newest JCI Senator. Aries then introduced JCI Philippines National President Rey Felix Rafols, who delivered a speech sharing his personal encounters with key JCI Makati persons.

The New JCI Makati members and Board of Directors with JCI Philippines National Board
After the speech, Pres. Choy came back onstage to recognize exemplary JCI Makati members and officers with the “Man of Greatness” award. Among those who received the award were JCI Makati Vice President Kurt Soliman, Executive Treasurer Joey Garcia, and Director for Marketing and Branding Rock Cleo Serevilla.
The ceremonies closed with a birthday surprise for Pres. Choy, who turned 39 years old on May 7.


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Membership of JCI will give you a lot in return. And when you are getting involved you’ll see the big picture of the network.
Why join JCI MAKATI? 
  • You want to get involved in your community and be part of JCI’s projects giving back to society 
  • You want to expand your network 
  • You want to develop new skills 
  • You want to get new business insights 
  • You want to travel to JCI’s international conferences 
  • You want to meet inspiring people 
  • You want to be a better trainer and speaker 
  • You want to go to more black tie dinners. 
If you say yes to any of the points above you should get involved in JCI. There’s nothing to lose and a great way for you to develop new skills, get new insights and at the same time gaining a broader social life! 

Who can join?

Membership is open to everyone between 18-40 years old who is interested in being part of an active network.
“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” Albert Einstein

11 things you’ll do as a member of JCI MAKATI:

  1. You’ll broaden your network of contacts
  2. You get the chance to give back to your community through taking part in JCI projects
  3. You’ll go to seminars you never would get access to if it wasn’t for JCI
  4. By practice you’ll develop your leadership and management skills
  5. Get a chance to practice public speaking and debating in a safe environment
  6. Meet people from all over the world at JCI’s conferences
  7. Discover your potential and what makes you tick
  8. Expose yourself for new challenges
  9. Have fun and meet new people
  10. Get a great dose of positive energy
  11. You’ll get heavily discounted training and personal development opportunities.

Who are our members?

Our membership is very diverse – from start-up entrepreneurs to people working in blue chip companies, non-profit organisations and charities. JCI members come from all walks of life, and from all around the world. But they are united in one common aim: to challenge and develop themselves.

Membership discounts and offers

More information to be added soon.

If you are not yet a member…

Come along to an event where you live or join for any of the bigger events. JCI MAKATI always welcome new members.

Start your JCI journey.